Peer review process


Submission of a manuscript implies that the paper has not been submitted to or published in any other journal. The manuscript has to meet the current ethics and research standards. The author must ensure that all those who have contributed to the manuscript are properly acknowledged to avoid possible conflicts of interest and plagiarism.


All manuscripts are subject to a peer review process, using two independent referees/ experts, one from Estonia and the other from abroad. To guarantee the anonymity of the author(s) in the process of blind reviewing, the submitted manuscripts should not reveal the authors’ identity or information about their earlier work. All references to the earlier research should be given as “Author, 2011“  or  “Author et al., 2011. In the reference list the following should be used: “Author, 2011 (information concealed for the blind-reviewing process).


Manuscripts should be submitted electronically to the editor’s address shown in the invitation for submission for special or free issues. The manuscript should be submitted in the form of two separate files: (1) the complete manuscript containing the biographical information of the author(s) and the article text with all the references and acknowledgements, and (2) the anonymised manuscript containing only the article text without summaries and no mention of the name(s) of the author(s).